What is Lucia N°03?

Lucia N°03 is a neurostimulator, which combines a stroboscope (flickering light), flexible in both, speed and intensity, with a constant light, available in different degrees of brightness. The computer-controlled interaction of these light sources activates different ways of experiencing (seeing intense worlds of colour and shape, a sense of leaving the body etc. ) allowing for an impressive individual light experience that is different every time.

Lucia N°03 creates wave patterns in the EEG that would usually only appear after several years of meditation practice. Since this involves a real neurostimulation and not an optical post-image phenomenon, each session is different.

Lucia N°03 allows for a transcendental experience as it is usually seen only under extreme conditions (during high performance sport, through using entheogenic substances or in near-death experiences) and consequently triggers the same positive effects. The experience value is one of a kind and the effects are noticeably intense, even after the very first use.

Lucia Light

Light and the brain

When presented with light, the electrical activity in the brain changes. The pineal gland (glandula pinealis) is stimulated to produce mind-activating hormones that have a significant influence on the circadian rhythm. This small light organ, deep inside the brain, has always been a matter of speculation. Not without good reason, the gland is frequently also called the “third eye”. In the case of the tuatara, a living fossil, the third eye still has a lens rudiment and papillary muscles innervated by the sympathetic nervous system. Even in the area of the human pineal gland, tissue cells, as we find them in the eye, could be histologically detected.

Although many questions regarding this are still unanswered by science, we do however know that the functional range of the pineal gland serves as a comparison between the organism and the environment. By using neurostimulation lamp Lucia N°03, with our natural sensory channel of vision, the interdependency between the state of consciousness, brain waves and hormone production is illustrated. The resulting brain activity recorded shows in its analysis an image of increasing harmonisation (see figure) which, depending on the characteristics of the light and willingness of the viewer, corresponds to a state of deep relaxation and the highest level of concentration. The activity of the brain is reflected in the eye of the beholder in previously unseen scenarios and the client learns be guided by this (bidirectional neuro feedback). This phenomenon of central vision in Hypnagogic Light Experience results in the merging of object and subject.


Typical distribution of frequencies with normal brain activity, at rest.


Example of the frequency pattern during Hypnagogic Light Experience.

* The Lucia N°03 Light is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device. Instead it turns to consciousness as a state of healing and wellbeing which is always available when not obscured by daily distractions and thought processes. 

** The Lucia N°03 is not recommended for people with epilepsy, or people who are light-sensitive to things like strobe lights, or for pregnant women and children under 18 years.  

*** Please consult your healthcare provider prior to your session if you take any medicines, have any concerns or questions about the possible side effects.