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Our place is at Måbrakällan in Umeå but we even provide home visits for private individuals and workplace visits for companies. The only thing you need is a place you can lie down undisturbed. We will provide anything else necessary for the session. 

We only do sessions in the perimeter of Umeå. Booking can be made via our booking system, found at the bottom of this page. Payment is currently made through Swish, credit card or invoice. The prices for private individuals are found here. For companies, please contact us here for an offer.

Terms and conditions

The Lucia light is not suitable if you are:

  1. Under the age of 18
  2. Pregnant
  3. Diagnosed with epilepsy or prone to epileptic attacks
  4. Suffering from severe anxiety or other psychoses
  5. Under the influence of alcohol, prescription medicine or drugs

We reserve the right to refuse treatment if we suspect the safety and well being of my client is in jeopardy. We take this very seriously.

*Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the agreed session. A cancellation fee of 350 kr is applicable. 

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* The Lucia N°03 Light is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device. Instead it turns to consciousness as a state of healing and wellbeing which is always available when not obscured by daily distractions and thought processes. 

** The Lucia N°03 is not recommended for people with epilepsy, or people who are light-sensitive to things like strobe lights, or for pregnant women and children under 18 years.  

*** Please consult your healthcare provider prior to your session if you take any medicines, have any concerns or questions about the possible side effects.

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